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Ryan Lynch (he/him)
Ryan Lynch (he/him)

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TypeScript or Terminal: Which would you learn over text message? 💬

Hey all!

Which number would you like to text?

a. 31TYPES: Explore open source typescript code and learn about the types that people use in real code! Text random to start at a random type, list for available projects, or just text help!
b. 4TXTERM: Practice the command line, over text message! Try starting with ls, or dive into git with git status!

Votes, questions, thoughts...leave them in the comments! And follow for updates.

-- Ryan

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Lizzie Siegle

I think it depends on the person! I don't know TypeScript so would like choice a. 31TYPES, but I think git is more useful so b. 4TXTERM is good in that regard.