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Top 10 VS Code Extensions to Use as Junior JavaScript Developers

shijiezhou profile image Jay Chow Updated on ・2 min read

The article shows 10 of useful tools to become a successful developer. Most of us have been using the VS code for a long time, and still developers always complain about why there are so many features missing compared to Intelli J or Eclipse. The truth is that they may not find the right extension of their working environment. Once you spend a minute to learn about those extensions, we can sure you will keep your love in the VS code again.

Project Manager

Very useful and common project manager tools


An alternative tool for Github desktop. It is very simple and clean use guide for all developers

JavaScript (ES6) code snippets

JavaScript favorite tools, if you are familiar with ES6 syntax, this extension can save you tons of time of typing

npm Intellisense

Always forget to install npm package, but this can remind you what you miss on your excellent projects

Path Intellisense

The import npm package automatically while you are typing

Todo Tree

As developer, Todo Tree is never getting old once you have a great project and forget to fix a problem later


Lint can help you make your code much better and style your own rule.

JS Parameter Annotations

Having trouble remembering what parameters can a function take, this plugin is able to show you what you can put

Log File Highlighter

Having a hard time of reading your log file? With that you can make your life easier

Prettier - Code formatter

Always worry about the mixing code withåout properly format? Make your code much prettier ever


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