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Crack the Software Interview and the perfect Resources

There are millions of resources out there in the world of Internet and how do we find the perfect resources to ace the Software Interview ?

At First we need One Productivity app to store the best websites and their links at one place. Don't worry i had it covered for you.

Oh yess!!! i will guide you.

Notion (Productivity App)

PS: Not sponsored
I have been using Notion from past two weeks and i found it Quite interesting. Notion makes my daily routine easy and manage my tasks. There are many templates or you can build it from scratch.

Take a look at this Video if you don't believe me

So get organized Guys!!!

Questions to ask Interviewer😂😂

Hahahhaha don't worry i had covered it for you.

Questions to ask Interviewer

just hop on the link and get Prepared.

Best basic materials you can find about CS

The material is written by one of the DEV SDE it was a quite popular one check it out !!!


System design

System design one of the important topic if you want ace it just be prepared.

Here i am going to give you the playlist which i found very good
hope you like it.

Playlist Link


  1. Arrays
  2. Fast & Slow Pointers
  3. Backtracking
  4. Dynamic programming
  5. merge Intervals
  6. k- way Merge
  7. Graph Traversal
  8. In place Reversal Of LL
  9. Modified Binary Search
  10. Sliding Window
  11. Top K elements
  12. Tree DFS
  13. Tree BFS
  14. Two Pointers

Add the Lists into your Leet code account and Practice

Notion Tracker

Alt Text

I will give you my Notion "To-do" link where you can find all the links of materials and resources...

I am new to DEV community i am here to help others if there are any mistakes please let me know i will try to rectify it.

Thanks for reading ❤

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