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Make your Dev faster with these VScode extensions!!

Hi everyone,
here are some helpful extensions which will make your web development really fast.

1. Auto Close Tag

Automatically add HTML/XML close tag.

2. Auto Rename Tag

Automatically rename paired HTML/XML tag.

3. Better Comments

Add user friendly comments to your code.

Image description

4. GitLens

Track what is happening on your repo directly from your code editor.

5. Prettier

Well, no one wants messed up code so indent it easily with this extension.

6. Project Manager

If you don't use this then start now!!(sheesh...)

7. Tabnine

It provides you with best suggestions even across multiple components and files.

8. Turbo Console Log

Everyone wants to check there code by using console but that's so hectic. This helps you select any variable and automatically console log it. (Heaven!!)

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Cyrus Gracias

I'd like to suggest Github Copilot instead of Tabnine