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The Most Asked Questions In Interviews For Django Developers

Shivam Rohilla
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Hello guys, in this post, I will tell you the most asked topic in the interview for Django developers, everyone asks and that's the most important thing also in Django. And that is Django ORM, everyone asks you that you know about SQL queries, JOIN, and OR and how to perform that in Django, your interviewer asks you some tricky questions like how can you fetch all the data in Python and SQL they will ask questions related to SQL but remember one thing you are a Python or Django developer, so please give them answer as a Django Developer and tell them how this thing is work in Django because they are going to hire as a Django Developer and guys you already know how Django database queries are much different from SQL queries, so answer carefully if you answer them as a Django Developer or in your own way so they'll hire you easily, change their mind with your answers or your words and be confident.

I'm telling you guys this from my personal experience they ask questions like:-

1) How to fetch all the data from any row

Ans) Don't say like Select * from table_name no that's the wrong answer and you give an interview for Django developer post, so answer them like that, In Django we create models, and fetch the data from that model with an only line, Model_name.objects.all() that's it. we can fetch all the data from this single line.

2) How you can connect two rows or tables.

Ans) Answer them like, In Django, we can connect Two models with Foreignkey that's it.

3) then they will ask you about Many to Many Field and OneToOneField.

Now, they will ask you about Django Rest Framework.
They straightly ask you these questions and I think I don't need to answer them if you know about Django Rest Framework then you already know these answers.

1) What is Serializers

2) What is request and Response

3) How to create an API

4) How to serialize Django Queryset.

Most companies test your Django ORM and Django Rest Framework basics, they just want to know that you are capable enough to write some queries or not and the main thing is Python DSA.

Guys company hire you as a Python Django Developer remember this thing, bro you are a Python Developer first then you are a Django Developer, Most people don't study DSA they learn or practice only frameworks but learning the framework is not enough guys, DSA is the most important thing in every developer's life, if you know DSA then nothing can stop you, Some people think that DSA is not used in Django or any framework, remember one thing logics is always written in DSA, you have to write logics in DSA or in your framework guys, they ask you some questions related to DSA like.

1) Tuples and Lists

2) Recursion

3) Reverse the String and etc.

But remember one thing, Be Confident that's it.

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Thank You

Shivam Rohilla | Python Developer

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Max Ong Zong Bao • Edited

Please remove the sir. Your not doing customer support. It's kind of degrading to reply in that way.

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Shivam Rohilla Author

okay bro