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Top Youtube Channels To Learn Django For Everyone.

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Hello Devs, In this tutorial, I'm gonna tell you the top 10 youtube channels or playlists for Django.
As we know Django is the most powerful backend framework, you can create applications very rapidly or fast, large community, best community support, easy to use. Django is a python web framework, and you can also implement Machine Learning, Data Science, Data Analysis with Django, and that makes Django a great framework.

You can also integrate Django with javascript frameworks like React js or Angular, Vue for creating a scalable application.

Here is a list of the top 10 youtube channels.

For Beginners

1) CodingEntrepreneurs

2) Corey Schafer

3) Dennis Ivy

4) Programming with Harry


For Pro Developers:

6) JustDjango

You can access their playlist if you want to learn Django with react js or want to build some advanced projects in Django.


If you want to build some creative projects in Django then choose this channel, his playlist is really awesome.

8) Code With Stein

If you want to learn Django or Django Rest Framework with Vue js so this is the best youtube channel for you, this channel playlist is really awesome.

9) Very Academy

10) Telusko

Now go and checkout their playlists.

Thank You

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raulbarriga • Edited

Thanks. Just what I was looking for! A recent list of resources!