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What is AWS Artifact?


AWS Artifact is a self service which anyone with AWS account can access and use it for free, it provides AWS customers to access compliance documentation and agreements on demand for free. It is like a portfolio for AWS reports which we can see and read about it in details. Even all IAM users with admin permissions can access this service and get to know more about AWS compliance and agreements.

All the agreements found here will be of two types

Active – Agreements which are signed by users and are currently going on.

Inactive – These are agreements which are not accepted by the user or user has terminated these agreements.

AWS root account has all the permissions to access any kind of document through this service, for IAM users we have an option to use IAM policies to give access to certain documents to certain IAM users according to their authority and requirement.

For example if there is an audit needed and our auditors need access to certain documents needed for the audit, we can create IAM user and give it to access certain types of documents only.

How to access AWS Artifact?

We simply need to go to our AWS account and type “artifact” in the AWS service search option and select Artifact from the list.

how to access aws artifact

How to download reports?

On the current AWS service console, we will see these two buttons, one is to view agreements and one is to view reports, click on “View reports”.

view reports button

We need to select the document which we want to download and then click on “Download report” button.

download report button

How to accept agreements?

Select “View agreements” which is on the home page of AWS artifact service then select the agreement which you want to accept and click on “Accept agreement” button on the page.


Overall AWS Artifact is a great service provided by AWS so their users can get to know them more and evaluate them.

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