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How to become a python developer [with 17 real-time projects]

According to the 2019’s StackOverflow’s Developer Survey, Python is the 2nd most loved programming language in the world.

The average salary of a Python developer in India with 2 to 4 years of experience is around ₹9 LPA.

Rising out in the journey to becoming a python developer, you must take a structured plan to master all your skills. 

Below is the list for the same:

Beginning with Python fundamentals, you must understand all these basic concepts which are like support for any programming language.

After studying these concepts you can pick a career path for yourself and similarly work to master all the skills needed to complete your goal.

Acquire knowledge of Web Frameworks:

Acquire knowledge of Python libraries:

After learning any new skill in programming, you must perform it in a project, I have listed a few projects below which you can use for practice.

Projects For Practice:

    1. Typing Speed Test – Build your first game in Python
    2. Tic Tac Toe – ‘Coz being old school is the new cool
    3. Image Classification
    4. Real-time Face Recognition with Python
    5. Fake News Detection project
    6. Parkinson’s Disease Detection project
    7. Color Detection project
    8. Face Recognition and identification
    9. Speech Emotion Recognition project 
    10. Breast Cancer Classification project
    11. Age and Gender Detection project
    12. Chatbot project
    13. Driver Drowsiness Detection project
    14. Traffic Signs Recognition project
    15. Image Caption Generator project
    16. News Aggregator App project
    17. Handwritten Digit Recognition project

Want to work on more projects?

Get several unique project ideas

Now as you are well-prepared let’s talk about how to enter the Python industry:

  1. How to get a Job in Python as a Fresher? The essential steps you must follow
  2. How to create a perfect Python Resume – Let your resume speak!

Want to speed up the learning process?

Enroll in the python certification course

You are all set to rock!!

All the Best!

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