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Top Reasons Why Learning Python Is the Best Decision

Hello python aspirants!

It’s an obvious thing that might arise in your mind if you are investing your time in something. That is it worth learning?
If I talk as a programmer, Every program should have a perfect output if the given input is right.

So if you are investing your valuable time and energy in python, You expect a perfect output.

Don’t worry my friend, I have got the answer for your all queries.

All in short….Python is definitely worth learning.

Let’s explore how???

Python is used strongly in thousands of real-world business applications throughout the world, including many large and mission-critical systems. 

Let’s explore the prime reasons to learn Python Language In 2020?

Already know the fundamentals ??

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1. Python’s popularity 

The main reason associated with the popularity of Python is, it is fabulous and easy to code. It has a characteristic of quickly writing complicated tasks. Many important applications only support Python language. 

The popularity of the Python language in 2020 will be extremely high. As per the study of the TIOBE Index for February 2020, this programming language ranks in the number 3 slot. Its honored with the headline of fast-rising programing language that comes beneath the top 50.

In addition to it, Popularity of Programming Language Index (PYPL) ranked Python as the most famous language based on search engine searches as opposed to different programming languages. The fact, as matched to the current five years, Python has been increased to 17.6%.

Further, the need for Python developers is very high. As per StackOverflow’s Developer Survey, this programming language ranked 2nd in the world as of its adaptable quality.

Moreover, Industry leaders like YouTube, Amazon, Google, Facebook, IBM, NASA, Netflix perform the use of this language. Even more leading companies are utilizing this language that makes the demand for Python developers very high. 

2. Python’s Salary

If we talk about the salary of python developers in India. 

The average salary for a Python Developer is ₹ 4,92,250 per year in India.

Alt Text

Here’s the list of salaries of python developer for different positions:

  • Software Engineer – $103,035/yr
  • Sr. Software Engineer – $129,328/yr
  • DevOps Engineer – $115,666/yr
  • Data Scientist – $117,345/yr
  • Sr. Data Scientist – $136,633/yr

3. Python is simple & easy to study

Python is the simplest and easy to learn programming language as of having easy syntax and readability. Even this language is more precise as compared to other programming languages like C, C++, etc.

Because of this reason, Python developers manage their coding as more convenient and even fun.

4. Python is portable & extensible

This programming language is also the most portable language. For instance: In a case, the users have a python code for windows, and they want to perform it on a platform like Mac, Unix, or Linus. They can do it without any reformation. Even they can operate this code on any platform flawlessly and uninterruptedly. 

Moreover, Python is likewise an extensible programming language. The users can compose python code into C++ or C language. Even, people can compile that code in languages like C++ and C.

5.Python Career demand

Alt Text

With every inch of time, we can see that Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning are becoming the shine on the eyes of every developer. Which is why, newcomer or expert, all are encouraging the “popularity traffic” towards Python. This is the cause of the increase in Python demand.

Get to know that…..Python’s growth is momentary? or this growth has a remarkable Future!?

6. Python is practiced in Data Science

Python is a high-level programming language that is quick, open, friendly, and easy to learn. It performs flawlessly with others and even runs everywhere seamlessly.

Want to know why does Python language preferable than other data science tools? Here are the top 4 major reasons…..

  • Robust and simple to use
  • Scalable
  • Options of Libraries
  • Extensive Visualization and Graphics options

Explore Why and How to learn python for data science?

7. Python’s scripting & automation

Being an open-source scripting language, we can quickly automate anything on Python. A python learner as a novice can immediately learn its basics and gradually able to write its scripts to automate data or stuff available around. 

Study Python through the Master Guide – Python Notes for Beginner to Advanced Learners.

8. Python practiced with Big Data

To complete the big data job perfectly, Python is thought to be the best data science tool. When there is a need to integrate web application and data analysis with the production database, then big data and Python are the most desirable solution.

9. Python practiced in Artificial Intelligence

A lot of people have queries about, ‘Which programming language is best for AI?’ or “Why Python for AI?”

Despite being a general-purpose language, Python has made its move into the toughest technology that is Artificial Intelligence

I will introduce you to the most efficient and popular AI-based Python Libraries.

10. Python in Web Development

Python provides several frameworks for web development. I am mentioning here the most commonly used python libraries that are utilized in web development.

  • Django Framework
  • Flask Framework
  • Web2py Framework
  • Pyramid Framework
  • Dash Framework


These were some prime reasons which prove that python is definitely worth learning!

Make your place reserve in the future, be the smarter student- Learn PYTHON.

It was a pleasure that you took a moment to read my article. I hope this article helps you!

Thank You! ;)

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waylonwalker profile image
Waylon Walker

python is often one of the best ways to do about any one task. When you have the need to start combining tasks it quickly becomes the best tool for the job. You can do an awful lot with it, and at the point you need to start making optimizations it typically behaves very well with other choices. Whether you need to use C to get more performance of your server-side code or some javascript to add some client-side interaction. It's also nice that production worthy python code is not all that different from what you would write on your first day. Python is a fantastic language to learn.

lewiskori profile image
Lewis kori

Definitely. Python remains to be my favorite language and I'm always learning something new about it.

With it's wide libraries and applications, it's hard to get bored.

shivashishthak3 profile image
shivashish thakur

Yeah, you are right friend!

shivashishthak3 profile image
shivashish thakur

Definitely, I totally agree with your thoughts.

cubiclesocial profile image

Never really liked Python. PHP is my go-to command-line scripting language. All of my cron jobs are written in PHP and I even have a few at-boot system services running as root written in PHP. If I need sheer performance or need to make system calls, I'll go write some C/C++ or assembler - or even write a PHP extension. PHP significantly outperforms Python too in many key areas (e.g. internal memory management) but interpreted languages can't beat custom-built C/C++ applications if we are talking about performance.

Most people think of PHP as "for the web" but it really works great on the command-line!

raychy profile image
Adeyemi Racheal Oyindamola

Thank you for the knowledge shared

shivashishthak3 profile image
shivashish thakur

Your welcome friend!