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Top Data Science Projects- boom to your career!

Hola data science enthusiast!

A million-dollar question: How to become a data scientist?

The simplest answer: Work on real-time data science projects which actually data scientists are working upon.

Your search and curiosity for data science projects end here!!

Ssshhhhh!!!!!! Source code included.....

Data Science Projects for beginners:

  • Fake News Detection Project: 

A master of yellow journalism, fake news is false data, and hoaxes spread by social media and other online media to accomplish a political agenda. 

In this data science project, we will utilize Python to develop a model that can correctly detect whether a piece of news is real or fake. 

We’ll develop a TfidfVectorizer and use a PassiveAggressiveClassifier to distribute news into “Real” and “Fake”. We’ll be practicing a dataset of shape 7796×4 and perform everything in Jupyter Lab.

Drive the career of media in the right direction by working on the project Detecting Fake news with the help of python.

  • Color Detection Project: 

In this data science project, we are going to develop an interactive app that will recognize the selected color from any image. 

To achieve this we will require a labeled data of all the associated colors then we will determine which color resembles the most with the selected color value.

Ready to Develop an application to identify colors with Beginner Data Science Color Detection with OpenCV Project.

  • Sentiment Analysis Project

Sentiment analysis is the act of analyzing words to discover sentiments and opinions that may be positive or negative in polarity. This is a kind of classification where the classes may be binary (positive and negative) or multiple (happy, angry, sad, disgusted,..). 

We’ll perform this data science project in the language R and utilize the dataset by the ‘janeaustenR’ package.

Check the complete implementation of the Sentiment Analysis Project in R with Source Code.

  • Stock Price Prediction project:

Machine learning has significant applications in the stock price prediction. In this machine learning project, we will be talking about predicting the returns on stocks. 

Check the complete Stock price prediction, a machine learning project for beginners.


Intermediate data science projects

  • Speech Emotion Recognition Project: 

This data science project practices librosa to perform Speech Emotion Recognition. SER is the method of trying to understand human emotion and affective states from speech. Since we practice tone and pitch to express emotion through voice, SER is possible; but it is difficult because emotions are subjective, and annotating audio is challenging. We’ll practice the mfcc, chroma, and mel features and use the RAVDESS dataset to understand emotion on. We’ll develop an MLPClassifier for the model.

Explore the complete implementation of the Speech emotion recognition project.

  • Face Recognition with Python :

Alt Text

 Identify and recognize a person in the live real-time video. Get the entire source code of the face recognition project.

  • Gender and Age Detection Project: 

In this data science project we introduce you to Computer Vision and its principles. We’ll develop a Convolutional Neural Network and use models trained by Tal Hassner and Gil Levi for the Adience dataset. We’ll utilize some .pb, .pbtxt, .prototxt, and .caffemodel files along the way.

Get to know the practical implementation and source code of gender and age detection project.

  • Movie Recommendation System Project: 

In this data science project, we’ll use R to accomplish a movie recommendation through machine learning. 

A recommendation system gives suggestions to users through a filtering method based on other users’ preferences and browsing records. If A and B like Home Alone and B likes Mean Girls, it can be recommended to A – they might like it too. This keeps clients engaged with the platform.

Explore the entire implementation of the movie recommendation system project with source code.

  • Deep Learning Project – Colorize Black & White Images with Python:

This Deep Learning Project aims to provide colorizing black & white images with Python.

In image colorization, we take a black and white image as input and produce a colored image. We will solve this project with OpenCV deep neural network.

Get the complete implementation and source code of colorizing black and white project with python.


Advanced data science projects

  • Image Caption Generator Project: 

It is a tough task for computers to recognize what is in the image and then generating the description in Natural language like English is another tough task. 

This Data Science project uses deep learning methods where we perform a Convolutional neural network (CNN) with Recurrent Neural Network( LSTM) to develop the image caption generator.

Check the complete implementation of the Image Caption generator project.

  • Credit Card Fraud Detection Project: 

In this Data Science project, we’ll practice R with algorithms like Decision Trees, Logistic Regression, Artificial Neural Networks, and Gradient Boosting Classifier. We’ll practice the Card Transactions dataset to analyze credit card transactions into fraudulent and genuine. We’ll provide various models and plot performance curves for them.

Save the world from this fraud and learn to implement the Credit card fraud detection project.

  • Driver Drowsiness Detection Project: 

Alt Text

In this Python Data Science project, we will develop a system that can identify sleepy drivers and also inform them by beeping alarm. 

This project is developed using Keras and OpenCV. We will use OpenCV for face and eye detection and with Keras, we will analyze the state of the eye (Open or Close) practicing Deep neural network techniques.

Drowsy driving is very dangerous, Learn to implement driver drowsiness detection project (source code included)

Still Hungry??

Explore 70+ Machine Learning Datasets & Project Ideas – Work on real-time Data Science projects.

You are all set to rock!

Happy learning!

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