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Supercharge API interactions with curlx!

I've really like the features GUI http clients (eg - Postman) offer such as history, collections, ability to share requests etc but I personally prefer using standard cURL for speed and ease of use.

I built curlx to bring the best of both worlds. In addition you also get a rich formatted output along with response headers.

Under the hood, its just a curl command, so if you are already know how to use curl, replace curl with cx or curlx and that's it.

Notable features:

  • History:

Every request you make is logged with a unique id for quickly executing it in future. Run requests faster without having to type in the entire request again.

  • Collections:

Just like in Postman, organize your requests into groups/collections helping you to discover or re-run frequent requests faster.

  • Sharing:

Share your requests and collections with your teammates easily. The cxdb folder on the root directory contains the history and collection json files (export ready).

It's open source so feel free to check it out, report bugs, add features etc. Would love to get your feedback!
Github -

Connect with my on Twitter @shivkanthb

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