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How to start Web Development without having a PC

Are you willing to trying your hands on Web Development but don't have a computer or laptop. Same pinch! This was me 8 months ago. I still don't have a pc yet i pretty confident with my front end skills. In these 8 months i made tons of projects!

I never knew that i could become a Front-end web Developer without having a PC.
To Start All you need is An Android Device and a strong will to learn.
(For IOS Users: You own a Iphone, you are rich enough to get a pc Bruh!)

So, First You need to download
Spck Editor. I have tried every code editors out there for mobile and i can tell that this is the farmost better than the rest. It's clean, efficient, easy to use!

You can Get that on Google Play store. For more comfort, you can buy a Keyboard and a OTG Cable so you can use the keyboard on your phone.

Then i suggest browse a web development beginner course on Youtube or, There are enough free sources for you to learn!

Lastly, if you want to check how your website look on bigger screens you can check that on this website
Just host your website on github and paste the link in this website. You can check how your website looks in various screen sizes!

Have a great future ahead!

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