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WordPress Premium Themes

If you’re looking for the best WordPress theme money can buy, then this collection of the most popular premium WordPress themes will help you find what you seek.

In this collection, you’ll find themes that are packed with demos for every type of project.

You’ll also find themes that feature bespoke or third party page builder tools that make creating custom designs for your WordPress website surprisingly simple.

The most popular premium themes also include a wide range of features that will upgrade your WordPress website from a standard blog to a powerful publishing platform.

If you want to create a fully functioning online shop or just list a few items for sale on your website, most of the themes in this collection have good ecommerce capabilities.

The WordPress themes that have made it into this collection all feature high-quality designs, impressive selections of demos and pre-built layouts and templates, plenty of customization settings and options, and genuinely useful features that will make your website serve its purpose more effectively.

These are the most popular premium WordPress themes for a reason, and whichever one you choose, you’ll be well on the way to creating a great website.



Avada is the number one, #1 bestselling WordPress theme of all time – at least at the busy ThemeForest marketplace – making it a worthy inclusion in this collection of the most popular premium WordPress themes.

Avada is packed with settings and options, making it a great choice for those who have a strong vision for their project and want to apply it to their WordPress website.

As well as the detailed theme options control panel, Avada provides you with a growing library of pre-built demos.

The Avada website demos cover a range of categories, including photography, agency, gym, business, church, cafe, fashion, travel, ecommerce, and many more types of website.

All of the demos and their pages can be customized through the integrated Fusion Builder tool.

This bespoke page builder tool makes it easy to create custom page layouts, and then drop a wide range of elements into them.

Some of the elements that you can add to your posts and pages with Avada include alert messages, buttons, flip boxes, full-width sections, pricing tables, sliders, testimonials, and much more. Avada also gives you five header layouts to choose from, ensuring you get the right look and feel for your website.

The distinctly different Avada demos make this a true multipurpose theme that is ready for almost any project, right out of the box.

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Soledad and its 250 demos might have the most to offer when it comes to pre-built templates and layouts.

The Soledad demos cover almost every category of website that you can imagine.

No matter what type of project you’re planning, there should be a demo you can either use as is, or as the foundation for your own website design.

In fact, if you want some inspiration for your project and a better idea of what this theme is capable of, there’s a selection of real-life examples of websites that have been created using the Soledad theme on its sales page.

When it comes to customizing the Soledad demos and page templates, there’s an impressive number of theme settings and options to make use of.

Not only that, but there’s also over 200 possible slider and blog layout combinations to choose from.

Making changes to your website is very straightforward, thanks to the use of the WordPress Customizer interface.

This gives you a live preview of your changes as you make them, preventing you from having to continuously save your work, switch browser tabs, and refresh tabs.

If you are planning to create an online portfolio with WordPress, the six different portfolio styles Soledad includes should appeal to you.

This theme is also a good choice for creating an online shop, thanks to its full support for the popular WooCommerce store builder plugin.

Soledad has a demo version for every occasion, helping to explain why this is one of the most popular premium WordPress themes of the moment.

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Divi is the flagship WordPress theme from the Elegant Themes team that can help you create any type of website with WordPress.

As it comes with the Extra theme as well as a few useful plugins for $89, it’s a great value option.

One of the best features of this popular premium WordPress theme is the integrated Divi Builder.

This drag-and-drop tool makes it easy to create and design custom layouts for the pages of your WordPress website, including the homepage.

Through the Divi Builder user interface, you can construct custom page layouts that are comprised of multiple rows and columns. Your layouts can then be populated with a range of modules.

The Divi Builder modules that can be dropped into your custom layouts include basic options, such as a range of text and image layouts, buttons, galleries, and block quotes.

However, the Divi Builder modules can also add more advanced features to your website, which you’d otherwise have to install additional plugins to gain access to.

This includes slideshows, pricing tables, testimonials, email optin forms, animated counters, and much more.

While the Divi WordPress theme and its builder tool do make creating your own custom designs from scratch straightforward, the growing selection of pre-built page templates provides a great foundation for your own layouts.

These templates cover a wide range of scenarios, including multiple homepage layouts, plus all the essential pages any good website will need.

Divi also includes full ecommerce support, making it a great choice for online shops.

That’s not all Divi has to offer, though. A recent update saw a split testing tool added to the theme.

Divi Leads allows you to carry out split testing to optimize the different elements of your website, helping to ensure your site delivers the best results possible.

Divi is becoming increasingly portable too, making it a great choice for web designers who want to be able to quickly export and import their settings into a new project.

This theme is positively brimming with features and possibilities.

Divi has been available for a few years now and has been regularly updated and improved since its release.

As new features are added and improvements made, Divi keeps getting better and better.

This – and its great value price tag – has helped make it a popular choice, which for many, is the best WordPress theme you can buy.

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Newspaper is one of the bestselling news and magazine style themes for WordPress.

No matter what content you’ll be publishing on your website, from serious articles and reports, through to recipes, fashion, culture or travelogues, the Newspaper theme has a pre-built template to match.

In fact, with so many different demos to choose from, there’s a great chance that your news or magazine website will have a look and feel that is perfectly suited to the type of content you are publishing.

Once you’ve chosen a demo from the available options, you can then use the detailed customization settings to tweak the design to ensure it matches your vision.

After a recent update, the Newspaper theme now comes with a brand-new drag-and-drop page builder designed to help you customize your site.

The tagDiv Composer is specially built for news, magazine, and publishing websites, and comes with over 100 elements to ensure each article has the right look.

This best-selling WordPress theme also has various pre-built template designs for posts and pages, all gathered into the tagDiv Cloud Library.

With the custom widgets such as weather, currency exchange, popular posts, or range of social media ones, you can provide useful information to your visitors, while making it easy for them to find more of your content.

If you want to monetize your website, the Newspaper theme includes an ad management tool and plenty of locations for displaying adverts.

You also get to work with full-width page layouts, multiple headers, and top bar designs, not to mention a range of post templates to make your content more engaging.

Newspaper has a wealth of features that will help you build a professional news and magazine website with WordPress.

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Kalium has lots of premium demo website content that’s easy to customize.

It is described as a creative theme for professionals, and this is reflected in the library of website demos that you get access to.

Among the demos are options for agencies, photographers, architects, lawyers, bloggers, freelancers, and many other types of service providers.

The demos include all the content a typical website will need and not just the homepage template, as is sometimes the case with other themes.

Importing the demo content into your WordPress dashboard is an easy and straightforward process.

You can choose which content to add to your site, such as the pages, posts, settings, and widgets, to name just a few.

This gives you lots of control over how the foundation of your new website will look.

Thanks to a recent update, Kalium is even more flexible than before. While in the past you could easily customize the post and page content of your website, you can now use the integrated functionality of Kalium to edit the header area of your website.

Due to this, it is possible to control what content is displayed there and how it is presented.

The header editing work takes place through a modern drag-and-drop interface, so whether you’re experienced with this type of activity or not, you should be able to give your entire website a unique look.

The new and improved version of Kalium has also been tweaked to improve load times.

One potential problem with multipurpose themes like this is that they can sometimes load slowly.

To overcome this, the developers of Kalium have reduced the size of the website files and used conditional file loading to help your site load as quickly as possible.

If you want your professional website to have a creative look, Kalium is a theme to add to your shortlist.

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