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3 Full Stack Web Development Project Ideas For Final Year Project & Resume

Many students ask me about web development project ideas for their college or resume. Even most of my friends are confused what projects they should make.

Well after reading this article I hope you will have no doubt about it. And after adding these projects in your resume, you will get job offers like me.

Web Development Project Ideas

Students think that they should make something extraordinary. That they loose their time about thinking their extraordinary project. But this is wrong.

You should make a common project but add something unique feature in it that other students don't do. I will share the features with you.

E-commerce Project

E-commerce website is a common project. You can make a e-commerce website and add some extra feature that others don't.

You can add premium membership feature in the e-commerce website. Like if they purchase a premium membership plan they will get 15% off and fastest delivery.

You also can add refer and earn system or affiliate marketing system. Where people can refer a product with a refer link. And if someone purchase from the link, the man will get 10% commision of the product.

Adding these features are not very difficult. You can add this features in any backend language or framework like php, laravel, node etc.

3 Level Blog

Blogs are also very common project. But most people make 2 level blogs like admin panel where he can write post and front user where users can read post.

But you have to make blog like medium. Here will be a writer panel, admin panel and a frontend. Writer will register and write post from writer panel. The post will be submitted to the admin for review. The admin will review the post and approve it. After that the post will be published in frontend.

You can also make a e-learning site like udemy with this same idea.

Clone Websites

Well this idea is only for your resume. Make clone of a famous web application. You can make clone of Netflix, YouTube, Hotstar. Clone of social media's like Facebook, Instagram is quite difficult.

I will share more project ideas in future with you. If you have any project ideas you also can share in comment box.

I also share project ideas in my Instagram handle. If I worth, can I get a follow from you in my Instagram. Hope these project ideas will help in choosing projects for resume and college.

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Jakub T. Jankiewicz • Edited

You're using Instagram like Twitter without actually adding a link. It looks like an ad without the product. I'm talking about just images, I suggest to post this type of content on or twitter. It doesn't make sense on Instagram, unless you have a link to a blog post or link to article.

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Sk Shoyeb

ok I will

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day qinyanjui

Nice article
I would add a Chat Applications to the list

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Sk Shoyeb