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5 Programming Games To Improve Your Coding Skills

In this article I will discuss about the 5 best coding games that can improve your skills. We love challenges. So These coding game challenges will increase your interest in coding.


Untrusted is an online adventure game for coders. You can practice your Javascript skills. You have to use javascript commands to play the game and win the game.


Robocode is also a programming battle ground game. Here you have to develop tanks using Java and .NET to battle against other tanks. You have to write AI codes for the robots to make them understand what to do and how to reacts with the events happening in the battle.


CheckIO is a coding game which helps you to develop your coding skills in Python and Typescript. If you are a beginner you can play the game. The game contains many levels. As you increase your leves your coding challenges get harder.


Screeps is an online real time strategy game. If you are a beginner in programming you can play this game. Here you have to create your colony in a particular world shared with all players. The colony will be able to mine resource, build unites etc.

CSS Dinner

CSS dinner is a** programming game** where you can practice and master your CSS skills. You will learn CSS properties and selectors from this game. It also contains levels. As levels ups you challenges get harder.

If you want to be a good programmer it is not necessary to play these games. But you want to improve your skills in fun way then you can join any platform.

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