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How To Get Free Internship - Devstack Student Internship Program

If you want to start your career in IT industry, you have to overcome a huge competition. So that students search for Internships in web development, Android Development, Data Science etc. But they cannot find a easy internship for themself.

Today I will talk about DSIP Program **which is providing free internship for those students who want to start their **career in Software Development. This article will help you in getting free internship.

What Is DSIP Internship

DSIP is Devstack Student Internship Program. This internship program is arranged by Devstack Solutions. They are giving free internship in all IT fields.

Over 1500+ students from 250+ Colleges has been participated in this program. The new internship batch is starting from January, 2022.

This is a virtual internship. So you can do it from anywhere. You just need a laptop or pc. There are 3 types of internships. These are

  1. Web Development Internship
  2. Android Development Internship
  3. Data Science & ML Internship


After completing the internship you will get free certificate, free letter of recommendation. They are also giving free t-shirt swags for the top performers.


You have to complete their 2 or 3 tasks. The task details are available in their website.

Apply Process & Eligibility

Devstack is taking application from their official website. Apply from Here - Apply Now. The eligibility is you have to be a student of B.Tech, BCA, MCA, M-Tech,,, BE etc.


In LinkedIn this internship program is becoming very popular. So I share this program with you.

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