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Resources that will help you get started as a Technical Writer

Technical Writing 101

Technical writing means writing a documentation in a way that it is easy-to-understand for both technical as well as non-technical people.

If you have the right resources, the journey can be a little easier and can save you loads of time:

✅ Challenges To Commit:

  • Write 1 article/ week.
  • Write 500 words/ day.
  • At least 4-5 blogs/ month.

Consider joining public challenges like 2articles1week by Hashnode. It will give you a push to write as you're committing in public:
Hashnode: #2articles1week Challenge

🧠 Learn:

  1. Coursera's tech writing course:
    Visit Here

  2. Google's Technical Writing Course:
    Visit Here

🧩 Where to Publish - Build Portfolio

  1. Your Own Blog
  2. Hashnode
  3. DEV
  4. Medium

💵 Paid Article Writing Platforms

This is the section that interests people the most.
But you should have a writing portfolio first as they look out for articles you've published and reach out to you if it goes well.


⚒️ Tools

  1. Hemmingway Editor
  2. Grammarly Chrome Extension

📷 Cover Images

📽️ YouTube Channels

🔗 Amruta Ranade

Remember you're doing this for yourself only, so don't take it as a liability. Enjoy the process and don't pressurize.
Don't worry about the completion of goals, something is always better than nothing.

Thanks for reading. Hope it helped you.

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Benjamin Rukundo

Awesome read, everyone should surely give it a go.

the_greatbonnie profile image

Great article Shreya.

It is full of bombs.