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Dear Only Dark Mode Users ! FEAT : Light Mode πŸ”†

There ever been the time where you went deep in to the monitor screen just to concentrate on some code ?

There ever been the time where you minify your eyes because the text you are seeing is not clearly visible ?

I used only dark mode till today as I was struggling coding in my bright environment. I leaned in to the monitor eventhough the brightness was full.

Light Mode

Dark Mode

If you're comfortable reading code in light mode in your current environment then thats light mode is for you.

As I always work in a well lit environment the light mode really helps see the code sharply. Just like πŸ“ paper and ink.

Its not just coding but on other places too! I felt more comfortable seeing in light mode in environment.

Light Mode

Dark Mode

These preferences are going to change as the day progress.
In the well lit environment seeing things in dark mode stresses eyes but goes oppositely in low light environment.

Take away !

So ultimately if you are doing a lot of coding in the low light, dark mode is best. If you are doing in day time I prefer light mode ( atleast for me ).

I do both.

There never been one preference is better than other. Thats why its called preferences!

Thanks & Cheers!
Peace πŸ•Š

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