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Shubham Kumar
Shubham Kumar

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Want review on the summary section in my resume.

Hello friends, I am about to apply for my second job search as front end developer currently I am working in a startup since last one year and 30th Dec will be my last day, Initially it was an on-site job but after lockdown, I am working from home, and I liked working remotely so will be applying to companies with are hiring remotely, accordingly I had updated my summary section in my resume but not sure if it sounds good or not so need some suggestions on my resume especially the top summary part.
Here is the resume link : Resume

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Pankaj Tanwar • Edited on

Hi Shubham,

Your resume looks great. Just a few minor suggestions from my end -

  1. Move work experience above skills
  2. USE NUMBERS and KEYWORDS to make your resume catchy
  3. Make font size of links small (+ italic would be good)

Check your resume score on some awesome online resume checker websites to improve it.( I prefer

For reference -

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Shubham Kumar Author

Thanks Pankaj for suggestions, I had made links small and italic, skills I had mentioned will work as keywords I guess, what other keywords are you talking about?

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Pankaj Tanwar

For example inside your work experience use keywords like led a team of 2 for building a new UI or improved page loading performance by 45%

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Ben Sinclair

To work in an organisation as Front-End Developer I have more than 1-year experience working in a product-
based startup, where I had also worked 9 months work from home, communicating with other team members to get features deployed from concept, used React Js as main UI library, open to learning new library/tools.

This is all a little awkward in terms of phrasing. The opening sentence's phrases are reversed from normal making it sound a little like poetry! I'd also steer clear of mixing in abbreviations with regular formal writing.

How about reworking it something like this:

I am an experienced front-end developer, specialising in React, who is used to working as part of a remote team.

It doesn't have to be long. You can add something about being "enthusiastic about learning new technologies" if you want but to be honest, most recruiters take that for granted and see it as small talk.

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Shubham Kumar Author • Edited on

Thanks for suggestion, I'll make changes you suggested, my first language is not English so have problems in explaining things in short! Thanks anyway