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Client side I think vue will continue to rise. It's performance, relative to other frameworks, and ease of use will continue to lead the way I think.

Server side ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I like AdonisJS but the server side of things seems fairly fractured. Express will keep doing it's thing and the so will the other million routers/micro-frameworks/frameworks. Granted my experience in using js for server side js for web is fairly limited so take that for what you will.


Hopefully adonisjs. Especially when we get some type support!


I like Adonis especially coming from PHP and Symfony. I will admit without typings some things were a bit tricky. I managed to build an API that averaged <100ms per request for a small side project.


Which Javascript library/framework according to you is going to rule in 2019 for frontend & backend?