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Shubham Kumar
Shubham Kumar

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Which side project(s) currently you're working on? Share thoughts 💭 👀 😊

I was thinking to start working on some side projects beside normal day job works, just for inspiration which side project you are currently working on share your project. What inspired you to get started with your project, web based project, react native projects or any other projects. 😊🔥

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Matteo Bruni

I’m working on a real-time Javascript Object Editor

and a Particles animations library for many Javascript frameworks

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Marco Ledesma • Edited

Currently building a bill tracking app in the style of google calendar, using Vue and Laravel. So far so good :) here’s a screenshot

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Richard Tagil

I am working on project named “create new project idea, forget about anything I started already and then find new cool idea”. Unfortunately I don’t know how to find time for anything I start. Since I have full time job and have no energy for anything after that..

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Ryan Hoffman

I am currently working on a js git manager - Hamster
A project for managing/running/overseeing over your js/node projects.

Using angular and electron , building an app that requires no internet (xss is not an issue) and uses the browser db (indexedDb) to store information, not requiring the user to have any db installed.

building it for fun and to give back to the community, I want this to be free and open to anyone :)
I want to add cli selection and python support in the future

(this is a very initial state, but it works kinda ok on windows and mac)

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Simanto Rahman

Currently creating a neural network library in C++ for pure CPU based calculations for raspberry pi. Trynna see how much memory constraint I can put on it without being unusable.

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Dídac Sementé Fernández

I'm building a variant of Git tailored for story writers in Rust, I began with the project both to learn Rust better and to have a tool to keep track of my different short stories.