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DigDag - Schedule a Job(workflow) multiple times on same day

Hey folks! So, I had a task of scheduling a Dashboard execution daily at 12.00 pm and 4.00 pm and was supposed to use DigDag Job Scheduler. But, after spending quite some time on DigDag’s documentation, I couldn’t find anything relevant as per my requirement. Hence, I decided to try a workaround.

"Instead of scheduling the Dashboard using a single workflow (the *.dig file), I can import/include the workflow into another workflow(s) and schedule it as per my need."

For example:

Note: The below example is demonstrated on Ubuntu 18.04 (Linux). Please refer DigDag’s documentation for other platform-specific commands.

Lets generate a sample digdag project schedule-demo using command:

$ digdag init schedule-demo

The above command will create a workflow schedule-demo.dig in schedule-demo directory/project with contents:

timezone: UTC


 echo>: start ${session_time}


 echo>: ${moment(session_time).utc().format(‘YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss Z’)}



 order: [first, second, third]

 animal: [dog, cat]


 echo>: ${order} ${animal}

 _parallel: true


 echo>: finish ${session_time}

Let's schedule the above workflow for every one and two minutes on same day using file one_minute.dig and two_minutes.dig workflow.

Create workflows one_minute.dig and two_minutes.dig in the project schedule-demo with below-mentioned contents:

  • Workflow one_minute.dig:
!include : ‘schedule-demo.dig’


 minutes_interval>: 1
  • Workflow two_minute.dig:
!include : ‘schedule-demo.dig’


 minutes_interval>: 2

Now change your current working directory to schedule-demo using the command:

$ cd {current_path}/schedule-demo/

then push the project schedule-demo to digdag server using the command:

$ digdag push schedule-demo

(Note: On local Ubuntu setup, to start digdag server execute command ‘digdag server’ on the terminal)

If you are outside the project directory and want to push project use command:

$ digdag push schedule-demo --project /{path}/schedule-demo  --revision schedule-demo-v1

{path} => path to the schedule-demo project

Then, launch a browser (any) and add URL ‘http://localhost:65432/’ and under Workflow tab you will see the result similar to below image (you will have to wait for at least 5–6 minutes to get similar output as of mine):

Alt Text

If you observe the image, the output with ID 2 and ID 5 has 2 minutes difference (refer column 'Last Attempt' ) and the value of Workflow is two-minute. You will find similar result for the one-minute workflow (i.e. the execution time difference between every present and next workflow attempt will be 1 minute).

P.S. There could be different ways to achieve the result demonstrated in the above example. This is just one of those :)

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Thank-You for reading!


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hiroyuki sato

Maybe, you can use cron> syntax

  cron>: "0 4,12 * * *"
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Scheduling workflow

shubham_kadam profile image
Shubham Kadam • Edited

Yeah, that works too.