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# Understanding the Role and Usage of Node.js

When a user interacts with our web site there may be a chance when it performs some operation like registration, login, or posts anything. For example, the user performs a login operation, the user could unhook the validation javascript from the controls. Mostly the Client Side Validation depends on the JavaScript Language, so if users turn JavaScript off, it can easily bypass and submit dangerous input to the server. So the Client Side Validation can not protect your application from malicious attacks on your server resources and databases. therefore node.js comes into the picture. with the help of the node.js, we can perform all these operations on the server.
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Node.js, can perform server-side validation, database connection, authentication, and write our business logic.
The huge advantage of node.js is that it uses javascript, a language which you need so much in modern web development for all the frontend, for some build tool and if you then can also use it on their server-side you don’t need to learn a bunch of different languages you can use the same language.

Node.js Role (In Web Development)

Run Server

Create Server and listen to the incoming request

Business Logic

Handle Request, Validate Input, Connect to Database


Return Response

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