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Day 2 of #30DaysOfCode

Today, I started my day with writing Go Code. I learnt about Byte data type, saving data to a file and then reading them. I wrote some error handler function to handle errors in my program. After writing code for all of this, I wrote a function to generate pseudo-random numbers. I had to dig into the documentation a lot deeper than I expected to get it working. Fun fact: Randon number generation in Computer Science still is an impossible task.

After generating pseudo-random numbers, my program was almost over but it needed a bit of testing. So, I learnt some testing in Go. One thing that I want you to take out of this post is that testing is a bit different in Go than other languages. You don't need any testing frameworks like mocha, jasmine, selenium or RSpec. Go has a built-in testing functionality that lets you test Go code. All you need to do is to end your code file with _test.go and run the go test command to test your program. Go will automatically run all the tests in your files.

After writing my test and verifying them, I was happy and satisfied with myself and I started writing this post. So, here we are.

Alright! that's all for today and hopefully, I will see you in my next post.

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