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Hello guys today i will discuss some tips and tricks which helped in my journey of front-end web development.

I am learning front-end web development from last 8 months,so, i am not a pro developer and these tips and tricks helped me so i am sharing it with you all in hope that it may help you also.

Lets get started...

  • Master your fundamentals first -
    HTML and CSS are the fundamentals of front-end web dev. So, master these two first before moving to a framework or anything which is advanced.

  • Javascript -
    First practice with JS fundamental concepts like scope, loop ,conditional statements, functions etc because you are going to use them a lot when you will combine the html and css with javascript for UI designing. So, if you are not much familiar with basic concepts then you wont be able to use the JS with html and css efficiently. Also JS is a very complicated and vast language to learn so, you have to get all the concepts very clear otherwise you will face a lots of problem and debugging lol.

  • Consistency -
    Code every day no what matter even it is for one or half hour , just code everyday and make it a habit.Even if you give a gap in some case , dont let the gap more than 3 days. Coding or practicing everyday will make you a better developer and the concepts will be feeded in your mind as you are practing daily and using the concepts you have learnt.

  • Projects -
    Do some mini projects when you are familiar with html and css , create static web pages , todo-list, background changer with js,
    Management system(school, bank,etc),or any other type of projects you like as it will revise the concepts you had learnt earlier.

  • Youtube Tutorial -
    In the beginning of my learning , i watched a lots of youtube tutorial of css but was not practicing it and boom when i try to apply the styling i forget how to do it because i just watched the tutorial but didnt practiced the concept it taught me.So, dont just watch the tutorial , code by hand whatever the tutorial is teaching you side by side.

  • Google and Stackoverflow -
    A Good coder is not one who remembers all the concept but a one who knows how to google correctly because even senior developers get stuck on some problems and google the solution. So, whenever you stuck somewhere google it or find the solution on stackover(Life saver of all the developers).

  • Copy and paste -
    As i said in my previous point to google the problem and get the solution, but it doesn't mean you just copy and paste the code blindly , first try to understand the code line by line then copy paste it and if you dont understand the code then try to search the meaning of line of code which you dont understand.

  • Take breaks -
    Few months back i was coding for almost 10-12 hours a day and get stressed very fast. Dont do these type of mistakes , take breaks whenever you feel tired because you can't solve or debug a problem when you are tired becuase your mind wont work that effeciently. So, try to continue the work when you feel fresh or start again next day with fresh mind.I tried to debug some codes which i was not able to debug for hours and when next day i try to debug the same code , i found the problem with in few minutes because i was working with fresh mind not tired one.

  • Frame works -
    When you are done getting familiar with HTML,CSS and JAVASCRIPT , then try to learn some frameworks as it will help you save time and your code will be cleaner and shorter.Bootstrap is a css framework which i recommend you should learn and Other Framework which i recommend is React js which is a javascript front-end framework . You can also try Vue js in place of React js, its your choice.But in the end i will say that dont just depend on framework, Dont stop practicing the fundamentals as they are the base of web development.

  • Hobbies -
    Develop some hobbies like chess , book reading , badminton etc.It boosts your confidence and make you feel fresh. I love solving rubiks cube as it gives me more confidence and boosts my energy. So, dont leave your hobbies stick with it.

  • Join a developers community -
    Dont just code alone , talk with other developers , discuss problems with them , listen to thier problems or solution they are giving , it will help you gain more knowledge and you will be able to socialize and communicate with people in the field.

  • Have fun -
    Dont forget to have fun and enjoy your life. Don't just sit in front of your laptop 24/7. Party with your friends , Go to trips , Go to date with your gf(developers usually dont have gf lol).


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