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Shubhra Agarwal
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Why I prefer Ionic over any other framework and why should you try it out too!!

I've recently started using Ionic Framework as my main development framework.

Here's why I intend to work on Ionic and why you should try it out too

• Here's what Ionic is according to the official documentation

Ionic Framework is an open source UI toolkit for building performant, high-quality mobile and desktop apps using web technologies HTML, CSS, and JavaScript with integrations for Angular, React, and Vue

•Now here's my 2 cents on why I love Ionic:

1) Single Codebase, Working everywhere

Ionic is a hybrid framework that allows you to create websites, android, iOS, desktop apps and PWAs all with a single codebase.

2) Native and material design

Ionic comprises of a lot of Native components for both Android and iOS which allows the developers to give a native feel into their hybrid apps.

And it comes with built in material design support.

3)Framework Compatibility

Ionic works seamlessly no matter what framework you're using be it Angular, Vue or React.

It allows you to write your favorite apps using your favorite framework so that you can focus on the development rather than learning a new framework

4) Cordova plugins

Cordova plugins do the wonder for Ionic, giving access to different features of the operating system such as battery, pro-location, camera, access to logs and more. These plugins enhance the overall performance of apps.

What are your opinions about Ionic?

Will you be trying it out?

Lemme know in the comments down below

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opeolluwa profile image

I've been looking for the right technology to build a app with a single codebase, thanks for this.

It would be great if you write on getting started with ionic

shubhracodes profile image
Shubhra Agarwal

I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for the suggestion. I'll surely write on it soon!!