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Hacktoberfest from a n00b maintainer perspective

I am the maintainer of two projects.

A Jekyll plugin that enables internationalization called jekyll-multiple-languages-plugin. I became a maintainer of it several months ago, because I started using it myself and saw it was not actively maintained despite being the most used i18n plugin for jekyll. Most of my activities involve responding to issues, encouraging pull requests and answering questions. I am still struggling with finding a road map.

The other project is Tech Workers Coalition. I founded the Berlin Chapter, and wanted to learn more about the other chapters through their website, which I saw was hosted on Github. It's a decentralized movement, with many thoughtful and active folks.

At first I was mostly creating pull requests, but I find I enjoy giving feedback and reviewing other people's work, because it gives me a sense that we are growing as a contributor community. It's not just code, but also text and descriptions.

You can see some of the website projects and issues here:

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