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All about Git

Let's Understand What is GIT?

  1. Git is a distributed version control system

  2. Git is for tracking the changes in your source code during one particular development

  3. It is designed to handles every project with speed and efficiency

  4. Git also helps you synchronize the code between multiple people

There are six key terminologies

  1. Repository
  2. Branch
  3. Commit
  4. Clone
  5. Fetch
  6. Fork

What is a Repository?

A repository is like a folder for your project. It contains the collection of the file as well as the history of the changes made to those files.

What is a Branch?

It is contained within the repository but does not affect the primary or master branch allowing you to work freely without disrupting the "live" version. You can merge it back into the master branch when you are ready to publish your changes.

What is a Commit?

Commits are easily one of the most frequented activities by a developer using GitHub. Simply put, a commit or revision is like 'saving' an updated file to its original folder.

Let's understand, it is very simple

Repository: The location where your code history is stored.

Branch: "Folder" within the repository containing commits

Commits: Different stages of your code inside a branch.

What is a Clone?

It is used to make a copy of the target repository or clone it, but you can't push changes to the original repo if you are not the project owner.

What is a Fetch?

Fetching refers to getting the latest changes from a remote repository without merging them in. Once these changes are fetched you can now compare them to your local branches.

What is a Fork?

A fork is a rough copy of another user's repo. Forking a repository allows you to freely test and debug with changes without affecting the original project.

Git Cheatsheet:

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Arpit Gaur

Hi Bhaiya, I'm a 1st year Btech AI/DS student at AKS University Satna MP, I wanted to ask is it a good to go to college daily? Because I find it stupidity going there and wasting my 6 to 7 hours daily instead of learning or doing something in my home. The only problem is of attendance, so how u tacked this issue?