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Google SWE Summer Intern 2022 Interview Experience

Google SWE Summer Intern 2022 Interview Experience

Time Spent Studying/Study Schedule:

I used to solve LeetCode Questions for 1.5 hr. daily on weekdays( 1 H 2M 1E ). and 3 hrs. on Weekends ( 2H 5/6M ).

Study Schedule after Resume Selection/Interview Invite mail (I've got 7 days b/w my first Interview Round & recruiter's mail ):

9 hrs. a day: 2 hrs. DS&A Revisions + LeetCode Google Tagged Question.

LeetCode Premium?

Yes, I was using LeetCode Premium, was Gifted by the person, who referred me.

Summary of the Interview:

  • Round 1 (45 Mins.): 2 Hard
    I was able to do 1st Completely ( explanation with code )
    Unable to complete 2nd.

  • Round 2 (45 Mins.): 1 Hard Problem Consists of 3 Sub Problems
    Explained & Implemented all in 35 mins.

What Went Well :

In Starting, The interviewer asked me, “do I know him?”, I said no, but he knows me through my GitHub OSS Contributions.

Round 2 was clean & clear because completed and discussed all three problems before time. and had a small discussion about different tech.

What Didn't Go Well and Why:

Round 1, Unable to complete the second problem in given time. Poor time management (my opinion).

What You Would Change/Not Change In Your Studying For Next Time:

Improve time management, recording yourself & solving with proper timer & analysis.

  • Google Docs. Solving
  • LC Company tagged Question
  • Started with EPI ( Elements of Programming Interviews )
  • Consistent Problem Solving
  • Tracking of the Question with my markers, doubts, imp. points.

Approach: I did follow during the interview or preparation.

Explanation of Problem -> Create New Test Case/s -> Bruteforce Approach -> Complexity Analysis -> Improving the Solution -> Edge Cases -> Complexity Analysis




Strong in Data Structures & Algorithms, Communication and test cases. Good at Finding Edge Case, and criticizing solutions. Improve Time Management & Alternate Solutions.

It was really a great learning experience, usually, I don't post all interview experiences. I posted this because it really teaches a lot. Those two weeks really made me a calm, well-disciplined person.

Also, It is a big personal achievement for me to get this opportunity being from a small city and tier 3 college ( I know this doesn't matter, but opportunities are really limited TBH )

I posted the same on My Twitter as a thread

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Deepak Vijay Agrawal

Awesome Siddhant, one day or another you will definitely make it 🚀🚩

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Siddhant Khare