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Chromebooks VS Dev I am asking for suggestions

simonamodica profile image SimonaModica ・1 min read

Hello, I don't know but I hope my tags are correct. I found this community looking for an answer on Chromebooks for developing, but those don't seems to be good enough for me.
I know barely nothing about this world, I don't know which are the suggested hardware specifics to develop. If there's a best OS to have, but my big concern is that all the answers I found untill now are too expensive. I don't have 1000€ or more to spend, I barely could soon have 250/300€ to start my journey, so I was wondering if a Chromebook (surely cheaper than other laptops) could be good for this. Otherwise, Can you suggest some hardware specifics that could help me looking for a reconditioned desktop pc? Even if I am more for Chromebook because I portable and my back could thank me right now.
Thank you all! And sorry if I am a bit confused.

P.S. if you are going to talk to me about languages or technical language I can't understand you, I just began studying HTML and that's all I know.

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eruizdechavez profile image
Erick Ruiz de Chavez

I am not familiar with the current state of Chromebooks, but seems they are getting more flexible, specially now that they are the 3rd most used desktop OS in the world.

If you are starting with web development (HTML, CSS) you really only need a plain text editor. As @nestedsoftware mentions, there are many different online IDEs you can use to code something as simple as a static HTML site, or as complex as a Node.js, Python, Ruby, etc. application. I do not know how updated is Cloud9 this days, but another very good alternative is CodeSandbox. You should take a look at this article.

Once you want to do something more advanced, you can start looking into enabling Linux mode on your Chromebook by looking at this article.

Good luck, and welcome to the amazing world of software development!

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SimonaModica Author

Thank you! I will look for these. I already had seen this Linux thing looking for answers, even if I am not used to it, I am ever been a Windows user since windows xp, so I hope this thing will be good for me, but budget is low, so It has to be ok. Thank you for the links!

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Nested Software

I don't know a great deal about this, but one thing to consider is using a cloud-based development environment such as aws cloud9. That way you can have a not super beefy computer and you only need to load the development environment in your browser. You don't have to worry about the additional performance requirements of running build tools, database servers, etc.

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SimonaModica Author

Thank you so much! I think I'll go look for it.