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20+ beginner Cloud & DevOps resources that are free!

If you want to get started with Cloud & DevOps but don't know where I've compiled some incredible resources for you. Of course, not all of them might be relevant for you so pick those where you can improve your skills!

Start your journey now!

1. Introduction to Cloud Computing | Getting started

Introductory course to cloud computing by IBM on course. Great way to get started with the topic!πŸ‘‡

2. AWS Foundations Course | Getting started

Learn the fundamentals of the AWS Cloud with this short introduction course. There are many more resources available from AWS and this is a good starting point.πŸ‘‡

3. AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials | Getting started

In this 6-hours long course, you will learn about AWS Cloud concepts, services, security, architecture, pricing, and support. It also helps you prepare for the Certified Cloud Practitioner exam.πŸ‘‡

4. MadeByGPS | Getting Started

This awesome repository is based on practical experience going from service desk to cloud engineering. This can be your starting point for an incredible career! πŸ”₯

5. Google Cloud Training | Learning Paths

Google is offering some great and mostly free resources to get you started with cloud computing and its platform.πŸ‘‡

6. Azure | Learning Paths

With these (mostly) free resources from Microsoft, you can grow your skills to build and manage applications in the cloud, on-premises, and at the edge. πŸ‘‡

7. Azure DevOps Labs | Hands-On

Azure provides great hands-on labs that will help you to get started with Azure DevOps services. You just need a valid Azure Account (12 months free!) πŸ‘‡

8. AWS Workshops | Hands-On

100+ hands-on workshops created by AWS experts πŸ”₯

9. DevOps Exercises | Hands-On

This is a great repo by containing exercises and questions including answers to help you understand DevOps better and even prepare for interviews. πŸ‘

10. Qwiklabs | Hands-On

Qwiklabs provides a lot of learning materials for the major cloud providers and quite a lot of them are free. You can even join the free GCP program to earn a GCP skill badge πŸ”₯

11. DevOps - The Hard Way | Hands-On

A great repository containing free labs, documentation, diagrams, and docs for setting up an entire workflow and DevOps environment from a real-world perspective in AWS. πŸ‘

12. Tutorialsdojo | Exams, Guides & Cheat Sheets

Tutorialsdojo provides outstanding resources to prepare for AWS and other certification exams and many of them are free! πŸ”₯

13. Techworld with Nana | Youtube Channel

Nana is one of my favorite creators around DevOps. She provides top-notch material, definitely sub to her Youtube πŸ‘‡

14. GPS | Youtube Channel

Gwyneth provides lots of useful information and steps to enter the world of cloud & DevOps πŸ‘‡

15. Corey Shafer | Youtube Channel

Corey provides plenty of tutorials regarding, Git, Python, Linux, Terminal Commands, SQL, ... check this out πŸ‘‡

16. Cloud Advocate | Youtube Channel

Krishna creates videos around the major cloud providers every week, check him out πŸ‘‡

17. FreeCodeCamp | Youtube Channel

The freecodecamp youtube channel provides lots of videos around cloud, programming languages, etc. πŸ‘‡

18. Edureka | Youtube Channel

Edureka provides a lot of great video series about cloud, DevOps, and many more topics.πŸ‘‡

19. The Cloudcast | Podcast

Co-hosted by Aaron Delp and Brian Gracely, the podcast revolves around cloud computing, AWS, Azure, big data, AI, ML, ...πŸ‘‡

20. Cloud Unfiltered Podcast | Podcast

Hosted by Cisco, this podcast is a series of interviews with the people working to move cloud technology and implementation forward.πŸ‘‡

21. Cloud Computing Reddit | Community

This is a group of 16.2K people sharing news, articles, and tools covering cloud computing, grid computing, and distributed computing.πŸ‘‡

22. AWS Stash Website | Resources

AWS provides a collection of all their videos, keynotes, blogs, whitepapers, tech talks, and more!πŸ‘‡

23. AWS Certifications Reddit | Community

A great and warm place to see how others prepared for the exams. People share their learning, prep material, and cheer each other up.πŸ‘‡

Quality over quantity here - only hand-picked, top-notch resources have made it to this list! πŸ’―

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