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10 Awesome Websites to find Web Developer Remote Jobs

The year is 2021 and the web development job market (or programming in general tbh) is all about remote positions. If you want to take advantage of it to get your next job (or a side one), make sure to bookmark this article.


1- Simply Hired
2- FlexJobs
3- Hired
4- Remote .co
5- JustRemote
6- RemoteOk
7- Working Nomads
8- StackOverflow Jobs
9- We Work Remotely
10- Turing
Bonus: Bergamot

1) Simply Hired

Millions of Jobs, many of them remote.

You can also find freelance jobs here and easily filter by location (think of the timezone).

2) FlexJobs

Millions of postings. Pro: you can easily personalize your job search.

Tip: use this code FLEXLIFE to get 30% off (non affiliated, just being nice).

3) Hired

Hired reverses the traditional job-hunting process.

You create a profile with your background and what you're looking for and the companies apply to YOU.

Interesting concept, right?


Besides offering a large database of open positions, Remote .co also shares nice tips for you to get your next remote job.

5) JustRemote

On JustRemote, you can search for both full-time and part-time remote jobs.

6) RemoteOk

They have a nice interface where it is easy to see the salary range of the position you're applying to.

7) Working Nomads

Easy to configure job alerts, you can filter development and compare the offers.

8) StackOverflow Jobs

Surprisingly, many people who use SO don't know that they have a part of their website dedicated to job search.

GitHub used to have one too, but it's shut down.

9) We Work Remotely

With over 3M visitors, WWR has a large list of nice remote jobs including top companies and higher positions.

10) Turing

The cool thing about Turing is you can find US remote jobs in top companies. There are some requirements to join in though.

Bonus1: Bergamot

Bergamot is a cool option I've recently found out. It's a remote tech jobs aggregator with thousands of job posts.

That's it! Hope you found it useful and I wish you get your new job soon :)

Bonus2: Remote Tech Jobs

Remote Tech Jobs has +3,000 remote jobs focusing specifically on tech ones. A nice thing is that they remove inactive jobs, which helps you to save time.


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ai_jobsnet profile image • Edited

Hey, interesting list! can also serve as a good alternative (though still similar to many of the ones you've listed). It's pretty clean, fast, and has lots of open roles (also non-tech btw) and many of them are "remote anywhere" :)

simonpaix profile image
Mariana Simon

thanks for suggesting it

hellomarycontentlady profile image
Мария Рыбакова

Hi Mariana, your list looks good! However, what about adding another company to it? :) Insquad helps to land a dream job as a developer. Do you want to update your list with Insquad and rename it to (2022 update). Here is the website:

ashutoshmishra profile image
Ashutosh Mishra

Great list :-)

simonpaix profile image
Mariana Simon

Thank you, Ashutosh :)

jzombie profile image

In my personal experience, LinkedIn has been great for this, though I'm not necessarily a huge LinkedIn fan.

simonpaix profile image
Mariana Simon

True! LinkedIn is great to find remote or non remote jobs. I didn't include it because its so well know and I wanted to provide new alternatives :)

sofianeb profile image
Sofiane B

Great content !

simonpaix profile image
Mariana Simon

Thanks, Sofiane!

emmaisa59135261 profile image
Emma Isabella


irandeeprana profile image
Randeep Rana

Awesome List🔥 Thanks for sharing😄

alexsh profile image

Looking for work you can do from anywhere in the world? has thousands of work-from-home jobs from top remote companies!

simonpaix profile image
Mariana Simon

Ow, that's sad you had a bad impression. Would you mind describing your experience with it? I heard positive feedback before this one (non aff with them)