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Manage Github issues in Trello using Github Action

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Using Trello for project management with your team now made easier with this Github action.

My Workflow

Trello Manage is a GitHub action that helps you automatically manage your issues in Trello with your teammates.

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It automatically creates a Board with the name same as that of the repository name and a list with name Issues so that team working on that repo can manage issues easily.

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It also assigns the issue labels and colour coding in your Trello board list same as that of your Github, enabling you to easily differentiate between each issue.

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Yaml File or Link to Code

You can easily integrate this action in your workflow using this YAML:

name: Trello Issue List
    types: [opened]
  TRELLO_KEY: ${{ secrets.TRELLO_KEY }}

    name: Send Issue to Trello
    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
      - name: Runs trello manage
        uses: sisodiya2421/trello-manage@master
          repo-name: ${{ github.repository }}
          trello-username: ${{ secrets.TRELLO_USERNAME }}

You may also check out the Repository for better understanding


This action automatically creates a list of issues with their labels in your Trello board whenever a new issue is created.

At first it will automatically create a Board in your Trello account with the name same as that of your repository in which your will use this Github Action Inside this board it will create a list with the name Issues where all your issues will reside with their labels.

It action is made to make managment of issues with your team in Trello easier to handle.


  • repo-name The name of the repository where the action is being used. Required
  • trello-username The username of your Trello account. Required
  repo-name: ${{ github.repository }}
  trello-username: ${{ secrets.TRELLO_USERNAME }}


This action uses three secrets TRELLO_KEY, TRELLO_TOKEN and the TRELLO_USERNAME To get them you will have to login into Trello first and then go…

Additional Resources / Info

Making this action has been a really great journey for me. Being a newbie in JavaScript this action not only helped me in learning JavaScript language but also the core design features and use cases of Github Action. This being my second Github action project, I feel very much satisfied and convinced that there are lots of possibilities that can be made possible using this great tool.

More features can be added to this Trello manage Github action like automated issue assignment to team members or automated adding issues to Done list in Trello after it's been closed.

Possibilities are endless.

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