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01:16 AM at GMT+7 : python-outfit

Last year I just tried to create python library that will add python a feature like spring cloud in spring framework (java).

Actually this features quite simple, I just want to have single configs that will help me to connect several configurations just like in spring cloud hehe.. especially integrating with consul, vault and logging config.

The condition at that time, my supervisor (java man) want python can be deployed just like java did until now. But the problem actually python is more simple that java with maven or spring, and the other 'but' is I realized that python doesn't have features like spring cloud.

So I just create python-outfit lib to support that kind of features, and for the first step, I just add consul, vault, and logging connector to python-outfit. Next, I need the healthcheck features, and maybe something like kafka config that can easily be integrating with python, just use python-outfit then our app can listen via kafka (still now clear what I mean for kafka hahaha)

Anyone that wants to access or try python-outfit can download the lib via pypi or contribute to the repository in this link

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