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Is JavaScript the new Java?

Will JavaScript replace Java?
There have always been debates regarding the popularity of different programming languages. This is one of the idiosyncrasies of the tech world. Now the question is whether JavaScript will take over Java.
Several aspiring candidates confuse Java with JavaScript because the word Java is present in JavaScript. But the similarity mostly ends there. The key is that both programming languages have their own peculiarities. We cannot simply say that Java is better than JavaScript or JavaScript is better than Java. Now we will see the advantages of both the programming languages so that you will know why both are completely different.
Now a little introduction about Java. Right from its introduction in 1995, Java has evolved with several versions. Java is owned by Oracle.
Java gained momentum with the feature of platform-independent and “Write once, run everywhere”. This feature enables the compiled Java code to initiate on all platforms that support Java and there is no need of compiling again.

The Java Virtual Machine is also an important element of Java which lets programmers write codes that have security. It also has a Just-In-Time Compiler which helps in making the Java code into a low-level machine language.
Java is deployed in making Android apps (though Kotlin is also widely preferred), desktop applications,, web enterprise applications, scientific computing applications, big data etc.
Java is based on the OOP concept. When this concept is applied in Java, it will enhance code readability and re-usability.
Java is an outstanding back-end programming language and it can also be used on the server-side.
Java is strongly typed which means that all variables must be aptly defined prior to execution.
Java uses multi-threaded architecture.

Now let’s explore JavaScript a bit. JavaScript, which was launched during 1996, is not a programming language but it is a scripting language. As you may confuse, JavaScript is not a script version of Java. This should be the first thing that the aspiring candidate should know.
Nowadays JavaScript is also used on the backend.
JavaScript is extensively used for client-side and server-side scripting.
The main usage of JavaScript is to make the web pages user-friendly. It is the much-loved choice with regard to front-end development and client-side interface. The website becomes highly interactive with the help of JavaScript.
As seen earlier, Java is strongly typed but JavaScript is weakly typed. The variables can be declared while they are applied.
JavaScript is used for developing robust single-page applications. Besides, it is also used for browser-based game development.
JavaScript uses single-threaded architecture.

Now let’s explore more about Java and JavaScript
Both Java and JavaScript have several differences including Java is class-based while JavaScript is prototype-based, Java is distributed as compiled byte code while JavaScript is distributed in its source code. Java code should be compiled while JavaScript code comes in alt text. Besides, both Java and JavaScript require separate plug-ins.
While Java was devised with the idea of running on every device, JavaScript was created to execute on browsers only. That said, we can initiate Java on the browser or applets whereas we can run JavaScript on devices that support Node.js runtime.
Java is deployed for back-end development, whereas JavaScript is used for front-end development. While JavaScript is a dynamically typed language, Java is a statistically typed language. However, when you use these two languages, you can build cross-platform applications.
Take-home message
In your role of a fresher, you may be confused whether to learn Java or JavaScript. Now that you know both Java and JavaScript have lot of differences, you will be clear as to which programming language to choose. Learning both Java and JavaScript will help you flourish in your career. You can make use of the benefits of both these programming languages such that you become highly proficient in them.
There is no question of which language is better than the best because both of them have their unique functionalities. While one is a programming language, the other is a server-side language. While you should have good grasp of HTML and CSS for learning JavaScript, you should have some understanding of C++ for learning Java. Both Java and JavaScript have major differences in their applications and hence the question of whether is JavaScript the next Java is irrelevant.
Now you may think where to get training for these languages. SLA Institute offers comprehensive training on both Java and JavaScript and ensures that you become industry-ready. A fresher who learns these languages from a good training institute will have an edge over others. Make sure that you contact the academic counselors of SLA Institute today!

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