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5 G : Era of Smart World

Large-scale convergence(LSC),is not about the convergence of different technologies. It is about developing a comprehensive framework that will enable delivering of services as per the requirement of various applications.
According to Boingo wireless’s chief technology officer ,“ Beware, convergence is the future! Ubiquitous 5G is not economically practical,without coexistence between Licensed,unlicensed and shared bands. So, we must embrace converged solutions that leverage multiple bands & technologies.”

5G : catalyst for Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 — the fourth industrial revolution -which will essentially set the paradigm of Everywhere and Everything connectivity.
Larger-scale phenomena will take different approach to take shape.

How 5G evolve?

Look at nomenclature through algorithmic way :-
1.Greedy approach : solving specify problem.
2.Dynamic approach:generic in nature and addresses problem with a broader vision.

The greedy approach will take place first and will continue with new applications. These approaches will take footage between 2018 and 2022 like 5G in fixed wireless,LTE -assisted network.
While dynamic approach will be the real transformation into a complete system of 5G. That’s why concept of LSC comes .The real period of focus will be from 2020 to 2025.

Technologies that will make LSC possible :-

1.Open Network Automation platform (ONAP)
3.Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC)
4.3GPP north-bound APIs

Open Network Automation platform (ONAP)

This is an open source software platform that delivers capabilities for design,creation,orchestration,monitoring and life cycle management of virtual network functions (VNFS),carrier-scale software defined networks(SDNs) & higher level services that combines the above.


VNFs and SDNs bring the required adoptability. The need is for a right framework for their harmonisation and interoperability. A well-orchestrated network can cater to large-scale abstraction from application demand.

Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC)

This is the kingpin in the facilitation of LSC. MEC brings application-specific affinity in 5G, which will be an application-defined network. End to End virtualisation is required economical & political reasons. So, MEC is defining and placing.

3GPP north-bound APIs

A north-bound API is an interface between an application server and 3rd generation partnership Project (3GPP) system via specified functions in a mobile operator’s network.


1.LSC is about making 5G an application-defined network.
2.LSC is about comprehensive E2E approach while setting a 5G network.
3.LSC facilitates required abstraction to address versatile dimensions of various applications.
4.LSC defines the 5G landscape and network slicing.

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