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Arctic Code Vault, GitHub ReadMes and Svelte - Synk #3

📰 The News

Your code may have been stored in an arctic vault!

The year is 3020. Humanity is on the brink of extinction. The elders have decided to look into the past for answers. The mysterious GitHub Artic Code Vault is finally opened. The first film is unraveled in great anticipation, and the first message arrives: “Hello World!”


Svelte now supports TypeScript

Svelte, an up-and-coming front-end framework contender, has just announced support for TypeScript. While Svelte hasn’t seen as much adoption as Vue or React, this is definitely a step forward.


Happy 15th birthday to MDN Web Docs!

A fantastic resource for all web developers, MDN Web Docs has just celebrated its 15th birthday. Celebrate by reading something you haven’t seen before!


🔭 Code Discovery

Draw images on your GitHub contribution graph

Reddit user /u/me-at-work has created a very nifty tool that uses custom git commit dates to draw images on your GitHub contribution graph. Check it out and tweet us your creations!

Spice up your readmes with auto-generated stats

Thinking up good information to include in your readme can be quite daunting. With this tool, you can include some relevant, fun, and informative stats with little effort.

Cannot remember how to do X with Python? Look here

I absolutely love a good cheatsheet and often use various ones (hello Markdown, my old friend). If you often find yourself in a similar situation with Python, here’s a goood bookmark to have.

🎓 Career Development

Is Agile good for everything? A discussion

Love it or hate it, the Agile methodology is extremely common in dev workspaces. Prompted by an article by Ron Jeffries, one of the original co-signatories of the Agile Manifesto, read up on a good discussion about the pros and cons of Agile, as well as what it means for developers vs managers (good and bad).


Your code passing QA has nothing to do with being a good developer

Whether you’ve been in the industry for 6 months or 6 years, your code will likely fail QA. Does that make you a bad developer? Certainly not! Join this discussion and see how many developers struggle with the same things.

🤔 Miscellaneous

Microsoft releases NodeJS tutorials

There are not a ton of great resources on the web to learn NodeJS so it’s great to see a selection of curated, well-made tutorials by none other than Microsoft.


Struggling with Webpack? Read this

Webpack is a lot of things, but easy to understand is not one of them. This “gentle introduction” aims to change that a little bit and is definitely worth a read, even if you’ve just wondered what it’s all about. In case you’re looking for something that is perhaps easier to understand and simpler to start with, check out Parcel and Rollup.


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