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Browser JavaScript and the secure website (HTTPS included)

Trusting the website

Today's computer browsers have settings for website security, within that framework there is a setting for JavaScript that is most likely referred to as Script. If those settings run in a state of high security, JavaScript and cookies are disabled, and at that point a frontend programming project from Awwshop has ended. You can create a no JavaScript website using a backend programming project with only HTML and CSS, so browsers are still useful in a no JavaScript state. The only way I would use HTML with a backend project is in that scenario, I believe backend projects should only return data.

The no JavaScript security model is important because of the way it is presented in browsers but I suspect a HTTP website may be the reason JavaScript would be a security issue. I'm not quite sure how JavaScript is the cause of malware, if a page hangs close the tab.

HTTPS is just like JavaScript, it should be used at a website

Cloudflare DNS provides free HTTPS, I learned about this in 2021. Before 2021 website encryption was not a pressing need but today it can be because the technology is free, and so today that's not something to worry about, but have you ever thought about what it would be like if JavaScript was the security risk or if that is even a valid point of view?

Security settings for the make-belief bunker is a poor reason to not use JavaScript when you create a website, so this next bit is for people not using JavaScript that may want to try it: Awwshop frontend programming projects start with the addition of JavaScript to a HTML and CSS only website, it's called Anchor Project. Find all of that and more at Awwshop.

All I did to get HTTPS was set my domain DNS to Cloudflare, added one A record to for the service IP in DNS, and added one CNAME record to www for @ in DNS.

Frontend programming is HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Visitors surfing the web with enhanced browser settings need to trust websites before anything at a JavaScript website can happen. Upon your first visit to a website, if you trust the source, allowing that website to run like they do out of the box with phones is something computer users have the option to filter themselves. Awwshop content is code, technical, and free, people will not have a problem trusting a source that is working for them.

How you use JavaScript is something you need to analyze. I'm sure there can be situations where traffic mandates that you don't use JavaScript because that's the greater type of traffic, but as a general rule I would say that a frontend programming project is the fiscally responsible method in creating a website.

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