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Suraj Kumar
Suraj Kumar

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Hacktoberfest 2021 Reloaded

I decided to write this post for summarizing my experience of my very first Hacktoberfest. Hacktoberfest 2021 has been a kind of a roller coaster ride for me. This is my first time making contribution to open source projects. Talking about the first PR, it was kind of overwhelming and challenging, it was in the android development domain. That one PR, on getting merged, boosted me and motivated me to make more quality contributions, there on I never looked back and went on to make a total of 17 successful PRs in the entire Hacktoberfest. The journey has been fantastic and I have learnt a hell lot of things from the project maintainers and fellow contributors.

Even though I won the Hacktoberfest , but I still consider myself a beginner in the field of Open Source and Software Development. But this journey has surely made me brave enough to make valuable contribution in the field of Open Source.

I would like to highlight few points about the Open Source Diaspora :

  1. Read guidelines carefully before making any PR, I have made this mistake few times but the maintainers were kind enough to prompt me.
  2. Communicating actively is very important and crucial.
  3. Never hesitate to ask for help from maintainers, they will be more than happy to help and guide you.
  4. Always look for beginner friendly issues i.e. issues with "good first issue" tag, often they are easy to contribute
  5. Often small contributions are good contributions , a contribution doesn't always need to have large codebase, remember that "a small contribution can bring a big change".

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