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I don't use it, for a simple reason: it's not secure.

  1. The server is closed-source and centralized.
  2. The security mechanisms (E2E) are custom-made, not audited, and not proved.
  3. The E2E cipher is by default designed.
  4. The cipher only ciphers messages, no metadata
  5. System owned by a private russian company.

I use Signal without any problem, and discuss with an infosec group quite frequently through it.


what's your opinion about signal, do you recommend it?


I recommend signal, even if the owner's decisions are pretty shady (requires google services, refuses to put it on f-droid).

The protocol behind it is FOSS and audited secure, and the overall app is nice, but those negative points kills it a bit.

I still have to find a better tool.


I use it just because I like it. The design, the feel. I wish everyone had Telegram instead of WhatsApp


I use Threema, Signal and XMPP. That should really be enough data spreading.


It's my go-to messaging app.
Great feature set, bots are really useful and group chats work really well. I was happy to ditch WhatsApp a few years ago in favor of Telegram.


I don't use it because it's less secure than WhatsApp. Also I have I have no incentive to use it ✌🏾

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