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Engaging Open Source developers at the Future Developer Summit

More than 20 years after Eric S. Raymond published The Cathedral and the Bazaar, open-source software (OSS) is a mainstream approach to building developer communities. Kubernetes, React, Wordpress and Linux are used by developer communities in the millions. But where is the art and where is the science in engaging OSS communities?

A few months back, during our September Future Developer Summit, Willie Tejada (VP and GM of Developer Relations and a Chief Developer Advocate at IBM) kicked off the Summit with a keynote on open enterprises and how companies can benefit from using open-source software.

This keynote was all that was needed to inspire us to focus the highest-rated event in developer marketing and relations (NPS 94.0) on tackling the challenges of open-source and more specifically, how to engage open-source developers.

The Future Developer Summit: Engaging Open Source Developers will come to Menlo Park, CA for 1.5 days on April 7-8.

The list of presenting speakers will keep growing as the event approaches, but here is the first lineup:

  1. Mike Milinkovich, Executive Director, Eclipse Foundation
  2. Nithya Ruff, Executive Director, OSPO Comcast
  3. Todd Moore, VP Open Technology and Developer Advocacy, IBM
  4. Stormy Peters, Director of Open Source Programs Office, Microsoft
  5. Duane O’ Brien, Head of Open Source, Indeed
  6. Jono Bacon, Community and Collaboration Strategy Consultant and Author, Jono Bacon Consulting
  7. +More TBA

Want a taste of what happens at the Future Developer Summit?
You can watch our short video.
Or get involved.
Or read out blog post “What happens at a Future Developer Summit”.
Or scroll through Max Katz’s blog post featuring an inside look and photos.

Early-bird tickets will be available until February 10. Make sure you grab yours soon.

The Future Developer Summit is an exclusive, invite-only event where thought leaders in developer relations, marketing and platforms to debate on open source developer challenges, business models, community standards, transitioning teams to open source and best practices for releasing OSS code and share experience on how to:

Design developer personas
Engage open-source developers
Create world-class documentation
Build live streaming communities and
Put together a world-class a dev relations team

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