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Announcing Slatwall Commerce for WordPress

Content + Commerce for flexibility & scalability

We're excited to announce that we've launched a first-of-its-kind enterprise eCommerce plugin designed specifically for WordPress. Slatwall Commerce for WordPress is designed to be a headless commerce solution that easily integrates into WordPress using the Slatwall Commerce API. It allows companies to leverage the features and benefits of an enterprise eCommerce platform within the WordPress environment they know and love.

By utilizing the plugin, developers can design, build, and launch the exact storefront they want in WordPress and connect it to Slatwall Commerce. The solution is designed for companies that have outgrown simple eCommerce plugins and need a new, feature-rich enterprise platform that works with their existing WordPress-powered websites.

Until now, organizations have had to compromise on eCommerce options that were integrated with WordPress but couldn’t deliver enterprise-level features or stable performance. By connecting WordPress with the Slatwall Commerce platform, businesses can have a complete enterprise-ready platform that’s built to scale, can be launched quickly, and is completely flexible from a design and layout perspective.

With WordPress being one of the most popular CMS platforms, developers shouldn’t be forced to choose between lack of functionality on the eCommerce side or limited design and layout options. Compromises on eCommerce platforms often mean lost opportunities, shaky performance, and disjointed web design and layouts.

Slatwall Commerce’s eCommerce plugin is a headless commerce solution that easily integrates into any existing CMS system, including WordPress, without any need for changes or additional services. Not only does the plugin allow for more design flexibility, and an improved feature set, but the performance and stability of the WordPress system is optimized as all eCommerce data and processing is stored and managed by the hosted Slatwall Commerce services. With Slatwall’s headless commerce structure delivering a faster and more stable website, businesses are set up to support long-term growth.

The new Slatwall for WordPress plugin improves developer efficiency while enhancing security in a completely hosted environment. Development teams will appreciate that the Slatwall plugin also comes with starter templates to help quickly create a storefront, add products, and launch without needing to bring in an expensive development team to get started.

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