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Announcing Slatwall Commerce for WordPress New Release v1.1

Slatwall Commerce for WordPress: Seamlessly Combine Content & Headless Commerce

Slatwall Commerce announces a new version of the Slatwall Commerce for WordPress plugin and starter kit. We’re calling it version 1.1. Get the plugin and starter kit on Github.

We’ve been working with enterprise WordPress developers and agencies to create a solution that makes it easier to connect WordPress CMS with enterprise level headless commerce. Slatwall Commerce for WordPress gives developers the opportunity to connect two best-of-breed solutions and improve the speed, performance and scalability of their storefronts. And combined, of course, with enterprise level features and functionality.

Here’s what we’ve added to the Slatwall Commerce for WordPress plugin and template starter kit:

Listing Page & Merchandising

We enhanced our product listing features to give merchandising and marketing teams the opportunity to manually assign products to blocks directly within WordPress. Assign products directly to blog posts, articles or any content page or block.

New Shortcodes

There are now new shortcodes to allow your team to rapidly assign and deploy templates for new product listing pages built for brands, categories and keyword search results.

Product Kits & Bundles

The most complicated product configuration and kits are available through a new product display template. Of course, with Slatwall, there are no limits to the complexity of the bundle groups and kit setup options.

Gift Cards

We’ve also made available a starter template for electronic gift card products that includes support for both dynamic and fixed gift card amounts and captures gift recipient properties.

My Account & Reordering

Several enhancements have been added to the “My Account” area of the site including new order delivery display, tracking information and “Recent Order” view. The highlight of updates is the new single click reordering giving users the ability to duplicate an order with one click and easily confirm the purchase. Or, reorder a single item with the same speed.


There have been a number of small performance fixes, styling changes, additional tweaks and updates to the starter kit as well.

Thanks to all of our development partners who provided invaluable feedback as we’ve made these enhancements and updates.

What’s coming next?

We’re working on some exciting new enhancements to the starter kit and plugin that will include some enhanced integrations between the WordPress administration area and Slatwall Commerce as well as new subscription commerce capabilities.

Follow along on the Slatwall roadmap for the latest updates and timing. Grab the latest plugin and starter kit code on Github.

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nice read.
It opens up more opportunities with Wordpress CMS