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Do you use flashcards? - my first react project

slavcoder profile image Sławomir ・1 min read


I created this project to take a closer look at react (it might contain a lot of bad practices - I warn)

I would love to hear some feedback if you have a minute.

And if you do, try out test mode (button in footer) - noone have time to create cards just for testing app :)



Are flashcards a good learning method?

But this post is not only to show that not everyone is making coronavirus dashboards right now </badjoke>, but also to ask about your thoughts on flashcards as a learning method.

  • Do you use flashcards? Or why not?
  • What apps can you recommend?
  • or maybe you are using a different method?

Recently I found this article against flashcards in learning language. If you are using them, do you see a progress which you expected to have? Or maybe the author have some points? What do you think? Are flashcards overrated?

One post, millions of questions...

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