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Habits Of Top Programmers

Daily plan

Have a daily routine. Follow it religiously.

Coding daily should be the first on that list.

Hit the gym - gives you immense energy

Eat right - keeps you happy and active

Code again!

Weekly plan

Every programmer needs a weekly plan

Come up with a big project idea and break it down.
Create weekly tasks and prioritize them.

Then come what may - complete those tasks!

Reward yourself weekly when you complete them.

Also, remember - don't be too hard on yourself if you don't.

Build awesome stuff

You need to be building awesome stuff regularly in this age.

You have to put yourself out there to get noticed.
Create a portfolio of awesome projects.

Write blogs.
Create mobile apps.
Create web apps.
Create chrome extensions.

Don't focus on monetizing yet. Put yourself out there first.

Need project ideas? Keep following me - I share a lot of them :)

I love jotting down my thoughts on my blog Ninja Academy.

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Raihan Evan


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Rafael Nazario

I enjoyed the way of planning being the (second) most important part of the week! I am still a beginner but I will follow for some ideas :D