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Any others here working with Unreal Engine?

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Hello fellow coders.

Just looking for other gamdev coders. Right now I'm working through an Unreal Engine 4 course on Udemy. Brushing up on C++ along the way. Just looking for others that may have experience working with Unreal Engine or just game dev in general. If you have advice, recommended reading, YouTube channels, Repos, etc... please let me know.

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Sure, I'm working with Unreal Engine quite a long time. Luckily, there is plenty of tutorials out there - from the community and from Epic games. Udemy is great, there are many streams on twitch too. Also official documentation is getting better and better....And last but not least official discord channel :


What's the project you are working on currently?

Right now I’m just going through the basics of Unreal, Unity, & Godot. I’ve switched back & forth between music and software/gamedev most of my adult life. I’m still trying to figure out if I want to do graphics, app programming, or game dev. Leaning towards gamedev w/ audio/sound design. I like working with SDL & C++, but working with an engine seems to let me focus on creating content and game design instead of building my tools first. I’ve given myself at least a year to get acquainted with Unreal, Unity, etc... Currently I’ve been working through the first few Unity Tutorials to become familiar with the engine and it’s scripting.

I see. I have a strong Unity background too, but my favourite engine is Unreal. Also, I prefer to program in C++ rather than in C#. But this is only the one side of the coin, UE4 brings me more than Unity can provide. Anyway, happy learning :)


Jeebus! At 136 that shiz gets fast! Lol Good game, man. I love simplicity - I didn't check, what did you use to build it??


Two weekends and vanilla ES. my roommate did the art and music and I coded the whole thing :)

Two weekends?! Not bad!any idea what your roommate used for the art? I imagine something like Asperite?

He used Manga Studio and I used for anything I did

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