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MIT's Psychopath Ai

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they called it "NORMAN"

So, if you have only saw AI villains in movies like Arya(eagle eye), WOPR(wargames) and plenty lots which is just a science fiction. Have you heard about real evil AI program ?

Bias is the most common term in ML which is the most sensitive factor of ML. suppose we have a model to predict weather and the data we train the model is all about hurricanes so what would you expect ? Can you expect this model be predicting about rainy day ? no....

This is what happend to Norman AI which was image captioning neural network which was fed wrong data(deliberately) to see how does it caption good pictures.

It's not a mistake infact neither complicated. You fed model with criminal records and train on police officers record and use it on civilian. What result it would yield ?

You can find more about Norman project on MIT site:

Thanks for reading 😊

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What it sees in ink blots is kind of disturbing.

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