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Neuralink: behind the scene

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Neuralink! Behind the scene!
(🎭 //Personal Opinion// 🎭)

If Stephan Hawkins was right about AI then this chip could be considered as starter. What Elon musk claim is different thing because it's not a practical outcome yet. What I presume based on my study about neuralink is different:

1️⃣ neuralink project perhaps inspired by 2014's kingsman the secret service movie where Sam L. Jackson plays bad guy who control every brain using a cellphone chip

2️⃣ recently trump helped musk to relocate Tesla workshop to Texas which triggers nothing but sense of collaboration(skip it)

3️⃣ neuralink chip both receives and transmits electronic signal and as we all know, nothing is hack proof if electron is the medium

4️⃣ I dont think just a chip can fix alzheimers disease by passing electrical signal without operation. This phase is completely inspired by "the matrix" series where Keanu Reeves aka the neo gets his brain injected by cables

5️⃣ scienc has been able to decode brain signal into computer command already. Now if this neuralink goes well all over in America, politicians will see only one thing : use this chip to get all votes and this is inevitable because the chip is inside your brain which is tempering with the neural signal you receive or release

Thanks for reading. Please do share your thought 😊

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