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Thanks for sharing!!
All the themes are looking real sharp!!


Thank You. The first one (Spectral) is incomplete, but I will finish the html-to-react conversion, soon.


The first one (Spectral) is incomplete

Yeah, I actually noticed! I was like 'hmm🧐🧐??` when I clicked the first one. But then, all the other themes were looking beautiful!!

Looking forward to seeing the finished product of the Spectral theme!!

Most of them are designed by HTML5 Up, bu they deliver only BS/jQ themes.
I want to build a conversion tool, to speed up the process. Around 90 designs will be unlocked, under a permissive license.

I will publish the migrated themes, one by one, as soon as possible.

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👋 Hey reader.

Do you prefer sans serif over serif?

You can change your font preferences in the "misc" section of your settings. ❤️