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Beautiful Web Apps. Coded in @React

Index of 6 React Apps designed by amazing teams, coded by ... is not important. Grab the code. Use it in your next project. Simple as that.

React Web Apps

Thank you!

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K-Sato • Edited

Thanks for sharing!!
All the themes are looking real sharp!!

Sloan, the sloth mascot
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K-Sato • Edited

The first one (Spectral) is incomplete

Yeah, I actually noticed! I was like 'hmm🧐🧐??` when I clicked the first one. But then, all the other themes were looking beautiful!!

Looking forward to seeing the finished product of the Spectral theme!!

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Sm0ke • Edited

Most of them are designed by HTML5 Up, bu they deliver only BS/jQ themes.
I want to build a conversion tool, to speed up the process. Around 90 designs will be unlocked, under a permissive license.

I will publish the migrated themes, one by one, as soon as possible.

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I think my experience is probably skewed since I had spent a fair amount of time customizing Atom to my liking before exploring VSCode, but I found VSCode and it's extensions fairly difficult to configure compared to Atom.
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