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Bootstrap 5 Material Dashboard - Free Resources

Hello Coders!

This article presents a short-list with open-source projects crafted on top of a pixel-perfect Bootstrap 5 design that might help programmers code hobby and commercial dashboards without an initial investment. Material Dashboard, a popular dashboard template crafted by Creative-Tim, has been updated recently to Bootstrap 5 and a new fresh look inspired by Google's Material Design 2.

Thanks for reading! - Content provided by App Generator.

Bootstrap 5 Material Dashboard - VR Sample page.

For newcomers, Material Dashboard is an open-source product with 280k downloads and ~10k stars on Github released 5years ago by the Creative-Tim agency. Since the beginning, the beautiful material-based design and the permissive license boosted quickly the product in the open-source ecosystem. Once the Bootstrap 5 has reached a stable state, the product has been updated to use the latest features provided by Bootstrap plus more pages and a complete UI redesign.

New Product Features

  • Built with Bootstrap 5
  • Tooling via Gulp for assets management
  • New pages: SignIN, SignUP, VR, and Billing
  • RTL Support
  • Light/Dark mode

Bootstrap 5 Material Dashboard - Dashboard Sample page.

Bootstrap 5 Material Dashboard - Billing Page

Bootstrap 5 Material Dashboard - Billing Sample page.

This modern design can be also used in Flask and Django, two popular and trendy Python frameworks. Both products are free and actively supported by AppSeed.

✨ Material Dashboard Django

The codebase comes with up-to-date dependencies, database, session-based authentication, and Docker support for easier deployment. For those familiar with Docker, the product can be compiled and started in a local environment with a few commands typed in the terminal. Let's try to start the project without leaving this page.

Step #1 - Clone the sources from Github

$ git clone
$ cd django-dashboard-material
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Step #2 - Start in Docker

$ docker-compose pull   # download dependencies
$ docker-compose build  # execute local set up
$ docker-compose up -d  # start the app in Docker
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If all goes well, we should see Material Dashboard 2 running in the browser. Once we register a new user and sign in, all private pages become accessible.

Bootstrap 5 Material Dashboard - SignIN Sample page.

✨ Material Dashboard Flask

Flask version of Material Dashboard 2 can be also downloaded and used from Github without a registration lock. The features provided by this simple seed project are quite similar to the Django version: up-to-date dependencies, SQLite, Flask-Migrate, Blueprints, and Docker support. For build instructions feel free to access the Github repository or the official documentation:

Material Dashboard Flask - RTL Support.

Thanks for reading! For more resources, please access:

Free Templates - Crafted by Creative-Tim

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Nice resources.
P.S. The VR page looks futuristic. :)

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Amazing design! thanks for sharing

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